Training Services

Now offering grooming by Appointment!!

Have your dog come to daycare and get groomed before you pick up! Daycare special rate with grooming $15.


Location : 430 Chapel Hill Rd in Oakdale.

Hours: 7am until 6:30.

Price : $25 per day, $20 half day (up to four hours)

All dogs are prescreened in an evaluation prior to admittance. Dogs must have current rabies, distemper, bordatella, and must be on flea and tick preventative.

All Bright Canines has a revolutionary approach to daycare that operates more like a preschool. Providing enrichment activities that cater to each individual needs. An excellent choice for a owner of a young dog that wants them socialized in a safe and controlled manner. Also great benefits for a recently rescued dog to help combat stress and help solidify safe relationships with humans.

At All Bright Canines every dog is an individual and their specific needs are met by a professional with an education in dog behavior and training.

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We also offer dog walking services. Price depends on location. Great for those dogs that are difficult to walk.


In Home Training (1 hour and fifteen minutes) $90

A phone consult is done prior to the training. This phone consult is free and allows you to provide an accurate description of the problems you are experiencing or your specific training needs. This allows the training session to be a working session in which you are able to learn and participate in your dogs training.

Training Packages are available that include 3 training sessions for $240.


Trainings on Location - (1 hour $80)

This allows you to have a trainer work with your dog in the environment that you are experiencing problems in. Ex: the park, trails, sporting events, or other public places. (Leash Reactivity is best worked with on location)


Aggression toward family members or strangers

(1.5 hours for $115)


This training session also comes with a free phone consult as well as support after the session is completed. Upon the completion of this training you will be left with a detailed booklet with everything that was covered in your session. You will also receive a detailed description of the training plan that will be created especially for you and your dog. This training session will be focused around addressing the causes of the aggression and empowering the family. Giving owners the tools to modify their dogs behavior will help them to manage and control their dog using alternate trained behaviors. Because of this we encourage our packages of trainings at a discount to ensure positive results.

(3 Trainings for $300)

Privates at our location in Oakdale $50 per one hour. You decide what you would like to learn, agility, basic obedience, loose leash walking, reactivity training, perfecting recall with distractions or relationship building activities involving scenting and cross training.

Training Classes:


Obedience: Basic Thru Advanced

Canine Good Citizen Class

C.L.A.S.S.- BA, MA, and PhD Levels.

Agility: Agility Classes designed to further your obedience while giving you both the skills needed for agility in a fun and creative way. We offer two levels beginner thru Intermediate.

Cross Training Class: This class provides an outlet for both owner and dog to further not only obedience but strengthen their relationship as well. This class combines agility, scenting, and other fun and creative games that pair's owner and dog as a team.

Training classes available at the following locations:



All Bright Canines - 430 Chapel Hill Rd in Oakdale, ct